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I became a Sufi Muslim almost 6 years ago after following a hindu-christian religious path for more than 30 years. Being a Muslim to me means that I do my best to surrender to God and put God first before anything else. I listen carefully inside my heart and follow the path of peace, love, mercy, justice, and freedom. It is not like what you hear on the news, but it is the way of caring for all people and working for peace and understanding and it is the way of healing for the heart. It is a way of life that requires me to be in service to God every moment of the day and when I forget, to return to God and remember as quickly as I can. It is the most beautiful religion I have ever experienced because of the inner peace and mercy. It does not make separation between Christians and Jews and Muslims like you hear on the news. It honors all the prophets of all times and brings all the religions together. I hope that all the people of the world of all religions will learn the true message of Islam, which literally means peace and that people will understand the common message between their religions, so there can be peace. I pray the salat prayer 5 times a day, I read spiritual books and do spiritual practices 1-4 hours a day. These practices help me to feel God within my heart through out the day.