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The best way to share my story is to attach my poem, Morning Prayer, a poem I wrote as I was coming out of a deep depression. Morning Prayer has been included in my book The Passport You Asked For, published by The Aeolos Presss, together with Kenneth Rosen’s Cyprus’ Bad Period.

Below is the text; but please look at the PDF attachment to see the proper formatting of the poem.

Morning Prayer

In a poor Istanbul neighborhood,
At the ground floor of our house,
My great-grandmother says:
It is time for morning prayer.

If you pray, she says, pure as a child,
From this corner of the room,
An angel will appear.

I am five years old closing my eyes.
Allahü Ekber.

Essallamü alleyküm ve rahmetullah.
I am fifty opening my eyes.

In Boston, Massachusetts,
In a not so poor neighborhood
At the top floor of our house
Praying my morning prayer.

From that corner of the room,
My great-grandmother appears.

Adnan Adam Onart
Boston MA, 1997