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I walk every morning and listen to SOF podcasts. This morning I heard the one on "play" and experienced many things personally. As a 52 year old parent of a 20 and 23 year old, I have been one of those parents who were uncomfortable with the play that felt as though it was teetering on the edge of violence. My 20 year old son and I have had many talks about how he and his sister were never allowed to yell or play in any way that was risky or made ME feel uncomfortable.

Luckily, my son resisted that control and is now teaching me the importance of "being playful and light on my feet" as he puts it. After starting college in Chicago, he joined the Chicago Parkour Club. If you are unaware of Parkour, please watch the four part video on youtube called "The Nature of Challenge". (This video has been an inpiration for me in every aspect of my day...doing chores to gardening to going to work.) I have been constantly amazed at how this involvement in Parkour has influenced my son's entire approach to life, even when he is working or going to class. For the first time, I believe my son has found spirituality and a mindfulness that takes him beyond "happiness though consuming" to a physical and mental happiness and peace.

The people Tucker (my son) has met through Parkour are almost evangelical about non-competitive "play" and have created a worldwide family with couches to sleep on in almost every country on Earth. They have jams in various cities and train together in the most supportive environment I have ever witnessed. Taking care of themselves and each other is the theme.

Thanks for the wonderful show...I have all the SOF podcasts on my Nano and continuously listen to them over and over again while walking, doing chores or art in my studio. I am also adicted to "This American Life".

Elizabeth Nance