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I met recently with Archbishop Weakland, still living in Milwaukee. He is ready to talk about the economy.

Not only is he out with a new book---A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church: Memoirs of a Catholic Archbishop (Eerdmans)---but he has played a vital role in advising the Vatican (and of course the pope) on the encyclical just released last Wednesday (July 8)---Veritate in Caritate (Truth in Charity).

The encyclical is on the global and American ecenomy and questions the arguably negataive role of gred and excessive capitalism in producing some of the world's prevailingly brutal dysfunctions seemingly everywhere.

It ought to be noted that Archbishop Weakland was the chair of the U.S. Catholic Bishops Commission in the early 80's that released an interfaith-in-approach pastoral letter on: The American Economy and Catholic Social Teaching. Thus he is expert over many years on capitalism and needed new frameworks of economic thought that can take better care of the most fragile and vulnerable.

You are free to contact him on your own. The contact information is below after signoff.

Should you pursue this or something related, good luck. Always do I want Speaking of Faith to continue its good work and word. In particular Weakland may help bring greater spiritual and social clarity to today's economic problems---and possible long-term solutions. Maybe talk that out with him personally?

This communique is not for publication in any way. Merely I am trying to be helpful in a thoughtful way.

Thank you. Jim Boushay

Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, OSB
4140 S. Sonata Circle
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221