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I am a white male anglo saxon Protestant preemie Baby Boomer West Texas Blue Dog Democrat. I support active bridges of connection with mainstream Muslim friends and colleagues at home and abroad. Allowing a small fraction of extremists who capture an inordinate amount of press to dictate my relationships with others is unacceptable. I am currently writing a feature article for Perspective Journal on Muslims and the YMCA. If you Google this connection, all you see is negative and it is a very unfair characterization of Muslims and their relationship at home and abroad with a mainstream institution in our society. Christian zionist press have exaggerated beyond fact. In fact, we in the YMCA movement have attributes and values in common with mainstream Muslims. (1) Service to others is a value upheld by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Muslims serve on YMCA boards around the world. Forson Hussein, a Palestinian Muslim, was just appointed Director General of the Jerusalem international YMCA, by a diverse Board of Directors including Christians, Jews and Muslims. (2) Regard for family and the nurturing of children is a shared virtue. (3) A belief in the wholeness of the spirit, mind and body is shared in the teachings of Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions. There is a wonderful story of observant men of faith who shared a single path up the mountain together. One was a Christian, another a Jew and the other a Muslim. They lived in support of their families in the same village below in the valley. It was only when they reached the top of the mountain that they parted ways. On return, they once again joined together on the path down the mountain. On the way they shared their mutual concerns about the welfare of the blessed community, the welfare of their family and children and their own quest to seek wholeness of integrity in their personal lives. Norris D. Lineweaver Director General (Retired) Jerusalem International YMCA Now living in Indianapolis 317-568-1699