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Krista: I enjoyed your dialogue with Mr. Parker Palmer. (July 25, 2009)
I was the radiology manager at Belvis NFCC (large clinic under health and hospital corporation, New York City 1998). The radiology center was fully staffed. Mr. Kevin Peel was the tech, and we had a Part Time mammogram tech and another PT Ultrasound tech. Since I was bored, I decided to use the computer in my office to enter the mammogram date and the recomented follow up date. Belvis is located near Mott heaven, a very poor neighborhood. Almost 95% never showed up for follow up studies. I was puzzled and print out the data base and put it in a binder. The next day, I met the medical director and gave him a copy. My only goal was to have follow up as per ACR/ FDA guidelines. He wanted to know, I have a copy for my reference. I said, No. He said, don't worry that he will take care. In addition to regular follow up, some of them were positive and some of them need biopsey or ultrasound.

The following week, I was asked to see Maria Agguria, Assistant Administrator. Mr. Gillbert was the administrator. Dr. Estaves was the previous medical director. I don't remember, the name of the Medical Director. (A tall black doctor).

Maria asked me" who told you to collect the data. If the results leaked /released, the center will be sued for poor patient care. The Administrator and the Medical Director want me to resign. The HR director and Maria promised that I will get a better job elsewhere with my background.

Put in a nut shell, they were afraid the information is sensitive and it could affect their reputation. It is very similar to Mr. Palmer's argument, people were afraid to disclose the financial collapse, just because they knew very well it cold annoy their boss and possibly their job.

Note: I am a retired licensed radiology technologist with graduate level education in health care administration. I have over 30 years experience in radiology administration in large and small hospitals. ospital