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My name is Aisha Abdul Rahman, I am an American Muslim revert of about 7 years now. I learned about Islam when I was in high school. I have always been interested in theology and my purpose in life. I began studying the bible, and the history of the bible, and decided to then learn a bit more about Islam.

After being a victim of a home invasion, my husband and I felt very blessed. We decided we needed to spend the rest of our lives doing the right thing. We had seen a banner on a Masjid that said come learn about Islam, and so we did. We have been active members of the Sacramento Islamic community ever since.

People often ask me what is my greatest accomplishment. I tell them becoming a Muslim, one who submits their entire self to God, not their own desires. I would not be the person I am today, nor have the many blessings I have received if it were not for Allah (swt) I am forever great-full ,and will spend the rest of this life and the next giving him, or Creator the praises that he deserves. Because it is him alone who creator the world and all that it possess, and there is none like him.