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Being Muslim to me means that I'm here for a reason; it’s my map or guide. Without it, I’d be lost. I would have no idea why I’m here or what my purpose or goal is. Faith helps me make sense of this crazy world. For Muslims, we look at our religion as, not only being our religion, but our way of life. It’s your whole daily routine. It’s integrated into your everyday actions, so we do everything in accordance with Islamic principles.

I hope we will come to a point around the world where individuals are not judged by the acts of others. I hope we will come to a point where we ask questions about things we don't know instead of just assuming we know. I hope we come to a point in our history where we actually follow our Declaration of Independence where it says "All men are created equal."

If you have anymore questions I would be more than happy to speak about my faith. It is the one thing I can't stop talking about.

Take care,
Ammar Alo, Esq.