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I am a born Muslim who was raised in India. I became a doctor, got married and came to the US. I am a practicing psychiatrist. I have 2 beautiful daughters who became dental doctors.
Half my life i just followed traditional Islam and thought that was religion. It is only when I read the Quran with meaning that I really got the zist of Islam which is to love humanity and the best way of pleasing God is to SERVE humanity. Islam is believing in ONE God . That right away teaches us that every human is the creation of that same One God, whether he is a Hindu or Christian or a Jew. If we are to please Allah (which is the arabic word for God) or Bhagwan (the Indian word for God) or simply God in English, we must respect all humans and care for all of humanity in need.
What I like about Islam is it accepts all the prophets irrespective of any religion, including Jesus ,Moses, and Mohammed. Some , including my learned father believed Ram, a hindu deity, may have been a prophet teaching humans to practice kindness, fairness and justice for all. Islam emphasizes justice for all people even at one's own expense no matter what ones religion is.
Another beauty of Islam is it orders equality for all . No one is superior to another. All are equal in Gods eyes. Freedom is another very important order. The Quran says you have no right to take away another's freedom.
Charity is emphasized. Quran says do not think of it as a loss, for it comes back to you in a better and larger way.
Finally it places responsibility of your actions on your own shoulders for we will be answerable for our own deeds and be rewarded accordingly.