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I am reverted to Islam after teaching in an Islamic school for a year. I did a lot of reading of the religion and felt very drawn to it. Since coming into the folds of Islam, I have learned quite a lot. One of the biggest struggles at first is to separate the culture of a people and Islam. That was very hard and many reverts are not able to do it. There is a big push to become "Arab-ized" and many reverts fall for this. I had issues with my name; how I dressed; what door I walked into at a mosque- all these issues that were not Islam; but rather cultural responses to it. ..and then, there were the responses of my family...

Since that time, I have grown more comfortable in my knowledge and with who I am as a Muslim. I have given presentations at schools and churches. I teach in a public school. I am aware that I might be the only Muslim someone knows and so this makes me the Islamic spokesperson by default. I strive to be a better person; and therefore, a better Muslim.

I am excited to be a part of the new American Muslim- one who is active in causes; ready to bring positive change to the larger community around me- and to open those doors of understanding to what Islam REALLY is...and hopefully plant those seeds of change that are so desperately needed all around.