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Being a Muslim means everything to me. It helps me make decisions in my daily life, it bring meaning to everything I do.

The beauty in Islam is how simple it really is. It's me and my God and that's all. Obviously this is oversimplified, but what I mean is that when any crisis or goodness comes in my way, the one I turn to is God. He's always there, and there is a direct connection between man and God. When I need him, he is there, and what he wants me to do, I try to do my best. There are many parts of Islam, meaning many things Muslims are required to do (5 pillars of Islam), but the way I view it is that these things are there to help us become better people in general, for example, Zakat (charity) -> this helps us from being greedy and makes fortunate people realize that we should help those who are unfortunate out of our humanity that God has blessed us with. Fasting is another requirement that really helps us remember God more than usual and control our innate desires (with food/sex).

The way I see things since I'm Muslim, is that everything that God requires us to do is really making us better people, whether we realize it or not, and knowing that we will one day return back to him and leave this world also helps us not get too greedy about things here and be more accountable for everything we do even if we think no one else is looking.

That's my 2 cents