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The Muslim World is VERY diverse. The vast majority of Muslims do not speak Arabic as their primary language, Arabic speaking peoples are only 1/5 of the Muslim population. Indonesia is the largest Muslim populated country in the world and most Muslims are in South and Southeast Asia. Myself, I am American born but my parents immigrated from Somalia in the 80s (in the case of my mother) and in the 70s (in the case of my father as a teen). Islam is the backbone of Somali practices. From the way we marry to the way we eat to what wear to how we conduct ourselves culturally and even behavior. The Muslim world has similar practices but the style of practices are different.

Islam is a way of life, it governs everything we Muslims do. Growing up in America, the values Americans talk about are compatible with our faith. You can be American and be Muslim at the same time. I grew up here, I practiced my faith and grew up in it and I don't feel alienated for who I am. There are things such as drinking, partying, and what not many people my age do, but I stay away from it all as it conflicts with my faith and in the end, the choices I make for Islam will make me a better person.