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I am a convert to Islam. As such, living in America I am somewhat of a minority within a minority. It is hard to say what being Muslim truly means to me, because Islam satisfies so many different aspects of my life, I almost don't know which to pick or emphasise. I'll give you a list: spiritually, Islam means connecting with God several times a day through prayer and remembrance. Socially, Islam means spending my time with my dear brothers in Islam who sincerely strive with patience to overcome their shortcomings and egos and try to submit their will to God. In business, Islam means striving to keep my word with my parters, customers and to be a good example for my employees... to deal with all of these people in an honest and fair way without being weak or oppressive. In marriage, it means making sure I've addressed my duties towards my wife in a kind and generous way -- from keeping a roof over our heads to taking her out on a weekend getaway. In family life, Islam mean maintaining close ties with my Mom, Dad and in-laws and trying to spend as much time as possible with them and show my appreciation for all the sacrificing they have done for us. As a father, it means trying to be the best example to my son, to show him that although the time, culture and society seems to have a lot to offer us, God has sometimes much greater to offer us, but only if we seek it out. Intellectually, it means having a rich framework with which to analyse current and past events. It means finding greater appreciation for the Creator as more scientific details are revealed about this world and it's inhabitants.

The beauty of Islam lies within the completeness of it. God sent Muhammad and the Quran to teach us to strive and struggle for something much greater than ourselves and our short term desires... to be in awe of the mercy of God and the vastness of his generosity, to worship Him through actions... by striving to enjoy the many gifts He has bestowed upon us without becoming arrogant or stingy. In Islam, we probe as deep as we can, questioning things and seeking out truth. In the Quran (the book of God), the Hadith (the sayings and actions of the final messenger of God) and the Sirah (the life of Muhammad), there is so much to reflect up and so many timeless life lessons.

When I think about the future of Islam, I don't rely on hope. I have no doubt that God will always protect this way of life and that there will always be some people striving for his pleasure. That being said, I think that Islam is so relevant to the times we all live in and wish more people (Muslim and non-Muslim) would educate themselves about Islam and get all of the benefits it has to offer in this life and the next.