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I wish every month is Ramadhan :) when so many muslims live under control of emaan. Muslims try to control their desires, control from evil things,many muslims read quran more, many people cry for their sins and feel deep peace in heart, many people give more charities and many good things that all muslims try to do more and more in Ramadhan masha Allah, the month that even better than 1000 months....I feel the blessings of Ramadhan is not only for muslims but for all creatures.

I can feel different atmosphere in ramadhan alhamdulillah, I feel peace and close to Allah....I feel somehow it's just a month that I don't wanna lose wonderful I feel ,I don't know why.....

In Ramadhan I feel that I have to do the best I can do to add my good deeds for myself and others for Allah sake and it makes me happy alhamdulillah......try to serve more people around me with love alhamdulillah :)

I know many muslims passed Ramadhan with no effects, still do zina, drink and eat haram, still do shirk, still dress half naked, still do many haram things, even their heart is blocked from understanding about islam and Allah astagfirullah.....many muslims leave Ramadhan with nothing left in their heart except evil stay in their heart and life naudhu billah, May Allah save me and all muslims from evil and give us the increase of eman and taqwa by ramadhan,ameen

Ramadhan is a training season for our soul and physique. All du'as will be answered by Allah. If any of us have soul problems, hard to be good muslim/muslimah, hard to follow all Allah's orders, let's pray more and more to Allah to heal and purify our soul and help us to be good muslim, and Allah will answer our du'as......whatever haram we have done in life, let's stop it ,let's train ourselves to be good muslim,let's improve our taqwa to Allah in this blessing month :)

Ya Allah please save me and all muslims from evil whisper and weak soul that follow satan,
Ya Allah please forgive my sins and all muslim's sins,
Ya Allah please guide all humans to you and help all of us to be good muslims, and save us from hellfire,
Ya Allah please bless us with laylatul Qadar in this ramadhan,
ameen ya Rabbal 'alameen