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Being a Muslim means that I recognize God in everything around me, and submit to His Glory and Majesty.

For example, when I wake up, I try to remember to thank God, and before I go to bed, I ask Him to take care of and have mercy on my soul. When I eat, I remember to thank God, and ask for more of His blessings. When I study/teach Biology, I am awed at the complexity of the human body, and how true it is that we submit to God, willingly or unwillingly (considering how many involuntary processes occur without out knowledge). When I am confronted with an "unfortunate" incident, I try to remember that it could have been worse, and there is some wisdom behind it. When I pray, I'm really begging the Creator, who has the ability to change or do anything. When I see someone less fortunate than myself, I wonder if it is a test for me, to see if I will thank God for what I have, and help those in need from that which I have been given more of. When I look out my window, I can't help but think, there is a Creator, who is Majestic, Omnipotent, Compassionate, and All-Knowing even about every leaf that falls, and every tear that is shed.

And I remember that all of this, too, will end. Except the glory of God. And while I fear that mankind seems to be moving away from humane treatment, and more towards violence and hatred, I have hope. I cannot change anyone but myself. And I know that His Judgment on the Day of Judgment will not wrong anyone. It's a beautiful feeling, knowing that all of the wrongs committed against the innocent in this world will not go unchecked in the next.