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Islam is one road, one way among many to connect with God, our Creator and connect with essential self, our Soul. It is one way that has brought me peace and challenges, answers and questions, and continual closeness to my Gracious Lord. I converted to Islam from being an active Methodist thirty years ago while on a conscious journey searching for worship and a community that moved me spiritually. I started out as a conservative Muslim needing the rules of devotional worship and a lifestyle guided by accepted interpretations of religious text. I am now a little off the conservative path, in a place of following my heart more than rules and finding peace within me and with my God. I continue to connect with God daily through prayer and meditation, through readings of the Qu'ran and other spirtitual works. I find direction and solace in my Islam and from teachings of other faiths and spiritual leaders as well. I live my Islam inside with through connection and worship with God as taught in all faiths, and outside through being an active community member, doing good works as taught in all faiths. As a proud Muslim, I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend to many people from many faiths. As a active community member, I am a counselor, a teacher, a diversity facilitator, and an community activist promoting social justice. I am a grateful Muslim woman raised in and lovingly living in a diverse ethnic and faith community in beautiful Colorado sharing the values of my Chrisitan upbringing, my Muslim life, and the spiritual ideals of many of those around me. Thank you for reading my story. Peace and blessings to you.