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My name is Radwan Mohamed, I'm a 24 years old Muslim, living in Canada. We moved here when I was 5, and I started fasting shortly after that. When you're that young, all you wanna do is prove to your parents and siblings that your old enough not just to fast the whole day but the whole 30 days. So you start of with half a day here, a quarter of a day there and full days on the weekends. But as I get older and especially this year, I've come to see that Ramadan is a lot like the Obama administrations favorite cliche, a reset button. The one time of the year where you truly get to reflect on your relationship with not only food but with your family, your friends, your community and most importantly your relationship with GOD. How New Years should be, but with a lot more will power to meet all your resolutions. Cause if you just spend a whole month replacing your yearning for food, entertainment and leisure with family, charity and GOD. Then losing those last 10 pounds are a breeze, quitting smoking, a walk in the park (something you'll be able to do anyways, after you quit).

This year, Ramadan fell on the dog days of August and September, where the days are long and the night short. But yet of the 24 Ramadans, i've been alive to see and of the 19, i've fasted. This one is by far the most important, one where i've prayed the most, cried the most, asked for the most forgiveness and the most guidance. And for the first time, i've even lost some weight. But more importantly this Ramadan has reconfirmed to me that Islam is the only thing that can help you realize the simplicity of life and explain the complexity of death.