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May I kindly offer:

It is said : The first word God said to Mohamad (peace be upon him as it should be upon all creations) was to read "not to surrender".

To listen to your stories; Some of your Moslem contributors stating the Koran and its stories of people whom talked about the prophet , is accepted without question, is most puzzling.

Perhaps was appropriate in the long past.

Pilgrimige should not be to Mecca, Undrestanding inequality of food distribution through Fasting should not be just for a month, Praying should not be by standing and kneeling to a direction at a specific time, giving to needy is not just by money based on your income only to a person.

The duty to "read" should be for all men and women. Without it any religion will always stay in one place if not limping backward into darkness.

This is what Ramamdan means to me.

Kind Regards,

PS Ms. Tippett & American public radio: God takes care of people whom take care of people. He/she will take care of you all, as you have taken care of me by providing me with room to grow.

Shad Zee (live happy)