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Albino Africans were dismissed lightly by both of you with a little chuckle. Are you aware of their plight? Thousands live in fear of attack, mutilation and/ or death by those who believe in the magical powers of their body parts. Pleae consider the voodoo basis of these misguided practices. Grass roots groups like ZeruZeru, Asante Mariamu, &Underthesamesun are trying desperately to protect these innocents and provide education, vision and dermatological aid. A more professional examination of a topic so lightly laughed off would be a welcome follow up. Eric Boos of Zeru Zeru would be a perfect counterpart to the discussion. He is a PhD , lawyer, educator at University of Wisc, as well as a lay Catholic missionary in Africa for 20 yrs, currently heading up a new compound in Tanzania for these gentle souls.