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I cried when I heard this broadcast. Something hit me when I heard the Vodou worship music in this program. I had worshiped in a congregation with Pentecosal practice, so I do believe there is an evil spirit manifesting in person's life. That has been a reason why I took Vodou as an evil cult. Since then, my understanding about effects of Western Empire on colonial culture and religion, as well as economy, grew. I think one needs to understand the history of slavery and racism to truly comprehend third world cultures and religions. I don't know about Vodou except my concept about cursing through witchcraft and sorcery. But Christian faith contains blessing and cursing too, if not with a doll. If one believes cursing is not of God, in the context of love of Jesus, one may know he/she needs to choose blessing. Perhaps there are similarities in Vodou also? This broadcast challenged me to see Haitian religion in their frame of mind. There are dangers in 'trance', when a person abandons his/her spirit to unknowns. But people do this even in investing in the stock market, with 'trance' of greed. Maybe we are not seeing the cult aspect of Wall Street more than Vodou?