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Bellegarde-Smith described how he rejected his Catholic-Christian upbringing and embraced vodou as practiced in his native Haiti. God has created human beings with many skin tones, hair textures, and music styles. Many in the world think that Christianity is Western European, forgetting that Jesus Christ was born in Israel. Unfortunately some Christians have tried to impose their culture as they sought to win souls for Christ in various parts of the world.
Bellegard-Smith seems to have equated rejection of Christianity with embracing of his African roots in vodou. He has allowed 417 demons (he calls them deities) to take control of his life. He has rejected the idea of a Creator God as told in the Bible, as well as the concepts of sin, heaven and hell. His descriptions of the activities of his 'deities" sounds more like the stories from Greek mythology. He stated that African religions are monotheistic but declares that the vodou god is merely an 'it,' not a person as Christians believe. He stated that Haiti is 100 percent vodou. The heritage of poverty in Haiti is seen in terms of their spiritual poverty with the practice of vodou as well as in the material sense with the extreme lack of human comforts that most Haitians face.