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I am also a "priest," though I have been ordained in the Episcopal Church. I know a little about Haiti, as it is the largest Diocese in The Episcopal Church. I know very little about vodou (mostly from seeing the movie, "The Serpent and the Rainbow" years ago). This interview was certainly an education for me. As a white, western-bred Christian, I needed to be reminded that although Haiti has been the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, economically, it is a very rich country spiritually and culturally. As other countries rush in to "save" Haiti, we need to listen carefully to those whom we consider to be "poor." As your guest pointed out, there is a resilient capacity for joy in the midst of suffering in Haiti. Jesus Christ also famously noted, "blessed are the poor." It seems to me that Haitians and vodou have something to teach all Christians and the rest of the Western Hemisphere about blessing and recognizing the presence of divine spirit in all things. Thank you very much for this broadcast.