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Dear SoF,

Bravo for helping to explode the mythology of 'Hollywood voodoo' --- this particular program's greatest asset.
Moreover, based on personal experience, I wholeheartedly agree with Vodou's take on the balance between good and evil in human nature and attendant reward and punishment, as conveyed by your guest Patrick Bellegarde-Smith on behalf of his faith.
My greatest personal regret is to have been ringleader of a brazenly injurious gang of schoolyard bullies during my junior-high years, a fact which has left my life dogged by bad karma ever since.
My sole point of contention with Mr. Bellegrade-Smith's outlook lies in his suggestion that any given entity in the spirit world is wafting around in a state of frustrated yearning, pining for the dexterity of the human form.
A ludicrous notion, frankly too silly for words, with all due respect to the balance of Mr. Bellgrade-Smith's philosophy.
I'm trying to imagine Krista Tippett interviewing a spirit openly envious of our being bound (if not necessarily gagged) by the high-maintenance putrefaction of the corporeal plane.
Only a very foolish ghost would be caught, um, dead wishing for a personal taste of such a sorry state of being.
I'm sure even Pat Robertson would agree.