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Krista, I was intrigued by your radio program with guest Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, as you discussed the core elements of Haiti's Vodou religion. Your interview style is very pleasant, and I appreciate how you are genuinely interested in the fascinating aspects of religion and culture. Your questions were non-offensive and thought-provoking, which proves that you've researched the subject matter and that you care to convey a deep reverence for people's beliefs. I also appreciate your desire to uncover misconceptions and present doctrinal facts. Your program served to both confirm and clarify my knowledge of Haiti's rich religious history. My ties to Haiti result from a two-year stint (1986-88) there as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). While there sharing the gospel, I learned life lessons, and grew to love and respect the Haitian people. Now, as our church joins with other humanitarian organizations to provide relief to the earthquake victims, I am humbled, and feel grateful for the broad national and international support to a small country of which I am so fond. Thank you again, T. Corry (Utah)