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I listen to your program while waiting for my wife to come from here class at church and find some of your discussions to be fascinating and thought provoking. The African-American today (Feb. 14, 2010) was very interesting and enjoyable. I liked his attitude and manner. Last week there was the discussion of "Living Vodou" (is it sometimes spelled VooDoo?), much of the material was somewhat new in my understand of this practice. I am a Christian and today there were several in the congregation at our curch who have lived, worked and served with the Christian church in Haiti. Some are returning to Haiti this week and another group have been serving as medical people in the country. So we hear a lot about the earthquake and caregivers to Haitian people. Some of our ministry families (Americans) lost their lives in collapsing buildings. We have been giving thousands of dollars of relief money and our denomination (as have other Christian groups of various kinds) has been giving hundreds of thousands in funds to help these dear people who have been devastate by this event. My question is "How do those who practice Vodou respond to tragedies like this?" Also, "How do you respond to the activities of those who believe it is a God of love and compassion Who is loving through them as they love and serve in compassionate ministries?" Mr Bellegarde-Smith taught, if I am not incorrect, that in Vodou there is no concept of God who expresses love in this way? Christians believe there is a Personal Father-like God to whom we are accountable and honors those who serve others in love.

Sincerely, Dick Barker