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I just discovered On Being and Krista Tippet and am really excited about scanning the archives. Though I'm really looking forward to it, I haven't listened to this show or read Levin's book yet. Therefore I should probably obey Wittgenstein's injunction but what the heck, this is the age of impatience. Re. the line in the blurb: "Their work laid the foundations for computer intelligence while challenging fundamental notions about how we can know what is true." it's always been my contention (despite having spent a career as a physicist) that nobody has yet been able to show that Godel's incompleteness results didn't forever damm attempts to argue that scientists are converging on any sort of definable truth. As a human activity it seems fine to me that scientists proceed with a belief in convergence but I think Godel's result present a profound challenge to epistemology and as a result lower the high horse of arguments about scientific omniscience a bit. But maybe Levin and Tippet clear this all up. Hope so !