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As to Belief, I completely disagree with your knowledge (from Belief) that "It doesn't matter what I believe." This theorem is an element of the set of all theorems which cause the Epistemology level of abstraction to show incompleteness. Epistemology is one of the levels of abstraction referenced by van Gigch. Epistemology is realized from Ethics & Aesthetics. However, I am not aware that van Gigch ever included C.W. Churchman's Morals non-system. Ethics & Aesthetics is realized from Morals. Morals is realized from Transcendence. Belief is in Transcendence and is our only “latch point” in Transcendence. Belief informs taxonomies of realizations through the layers of abstraction, which then results in what we form in Reality. It is, therefore, of paramount importance; singularly foundational to our Being. It is both the most abstract notion (“surreal vagueness”) we have and yet is the source of all realizations from Transcendence. I would hope that you might reconsider the importance of Belief. There is, of course, more words to be offered on this topic.