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Prof Levin,
I really enjoyed your unedited interview with Krista Tippet, especially the part that talks about a "Finite World". I'm and aircraft technician with Continental Airlines and a Chief in the Navy Reserves who enjoys learning about Space. What prompted me to email you was in your interview you said that the "World is Finite". After that I recalled a story in the news that a father & son team placed an I Phone with a video camera into a styrofoam capsule and launched it into Space (80 miles short) by using a weather ballon as it's power. The unit was launched from Newburgh N.Y. and it was retrieved 30 miles away from it's launch point. I discussed this with my coworker's but the didn't understand how this could land so close to is starting point. Could this be a "micro view" of something that travels in a straight line and arrives back or close to where it started? I have to purchase you books now... There's so much interesting things in books. Thanks again. Reggie Spence

Krista, i sent this email to Janna Levin. Take Care. Reggie.