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Need to reflect on just who isn't coming into these "dialogic" processes, but does in fact send themselves via their money into the middle of this conflict? I admire the people in the video story. I have heard them before on Democracy Now. There work is powerful and needed by the people on the ground, but the real perpetrators of these crimes never get dragged into these kinds of open dialogic processes, nor into the light of day for all of history to see. Those processes are needed on the ground so that life can go on between ordinary people who were all exploited and abused by rulers on all sides of this conflict, including right-wing extremists from the US and other places who seed this conflict from many directions. But what is also needed are constitutional reforms which limit the power of the few to seed and benefit from conflict and war, and treat "created equal" citizens as their personal pawns and fodder for war machines. That in addition to dialogic and peaceful processes of understanding will be a real contribution for this educated and enlightened generation to contribute to posterity. We need to get to the bottom of the money flows that keep this conflict so raw. There is big money that builds settlements, seeds extremist religious education on both sides of this conflict, supports population control and social engineering by seeing religious communities to change the voting balance. Very ironic that terrorism is blamed on extremist Muslims on this planet today, but who really funded the extremist movement in Wahabbist Madrassas for decades? That would be the Saudi Royal family for anyone not familiar. The same goes with right-wing religious education groups everywhere including Israel and Palestine. Growing their extremism serves someone, and we had better start figuring out and fingering just who those people are. History if full of examples of Kings seeding conflicts between subjects to deflect from their own failings, and to make money from war or providing "security" to anxious subjects they themselves had a hand in making anxious. Israel's politics are as divided and divisive as those in the US, and many of the same money forces are behind these conflicts there and here. Just who is being served by this on-going continuing conflict whose secretive influence and power could have let to the set-up for failure of peace processes many were led to invest hope into? And what kind of prerogatives by ruling elites are maintained, furtively, by our "constitutional democracies"? Well, they are constitutional, but constitutions change and evolve with times. The US constitution once supported slavery, jim crow and kept mothers and grandmothers from voting, and since the 1970s it supports the prerogatives of a few with power and money to own media empires to propagandize and mislead ordinary citizens into voting against their own best interests. The US Supreme Court tacitly approves of divisive propaganda and scapegoating in FCC licensed media. We know what Presidents made these appointments, and what social classes benefit from the stalemate and permanent regressive taxation regime that only exacerbates economic hardships in the heartland of the US where is rising the most rage, anger, resentment, scapegoating and anti-state/separatist movements. The Israeli constitution may also have its own problems because right-wing forces and foreign influencers certainly seem to have the upper hand there, as they do here now with Citizen's United vs Federal Board of Elections to propagandize minds of ordinary, systematically propagandized, disinformed, manipulated, and increasingly anxious, but otherwise "created equal" citizens. Benoit de Spinoza said our "social constructions" were how we express our divinity. Now is the time for us to express this divinity more through reforms to social constructions. We need new constitutional reforms to take a way the prerogative of military industrial and financial ruling elites from seeding and perpetuating military crises that enrich themselves forever at the expense of taxpayers and ordinary families who just want peace and real prosperity, not the kind artificially created by war economies. Notice Europe has not had an internal war for 70 years because the constitutional reforms enacted there after WWII explicitly limit the power of monarchs, aristocrats and military industrialists to make war as had been their sole way of making wealth since the Roman Empire. EU seems to have much more robust democracies and equitable distribution of national wealth and future opportunity than does the US right now. We need to continue deep insight into this conflict. And every other, since upon deep reflection they almost all reflect similar circumstances.