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First of all, I was floored by these two and their ability to see past their losses and use it to help others. I cannot imagine losing a loved one so irrationally and so needlessly because of religious conflict, but to take this pain and use it for the greater good is so amazing to me! It is also great for both of them to recognize that even though they are considered "enemies" to each other, each of them are human and each of them share a lot of the same pain. And the fact that they could laugh and joke together and are actually friends is just so great, it shows that with effort anyone can see past their differences and learn from one-another. Maybe someday this could spread throughout the world and we won't have to wage these wars anymore.

There are many irreconcilable conflicts in my personal life that I should look past -I suppose I've focused my energy into hating these people instead of moving on from it. I think I could take a hint from these two amazing people and see that if I turned around my anger and focused on making things better, my life could be so much better from it.