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Putting differences aside was certainly emphasized in this broadcast. Ali was quite passionate towards this concept in the beginning of the broadcast. I agree that the "taking sides" between these groups is only leading to more conflict with no hopes of ending the on-going war. I find it interesting that religous beliefs can fuel such violent acts. Is it right to kill in the name of religion?

I can relate to such situations that experienced everyday in life. Particularily prejudice amongst ethincs in public schools. It's rather easy to feel the tension amongst ethnic groups with varying beliefs in religion and cultural values. I have found that it is often a good tactic to stay quiet around those with whom you don't agree with. I have come to learn that everybody will never agree with all of my beliefs and values. Differences will always be present among different people, and coming to terms with this is essential to living a peaceful life. On the other hand, I believe it is these differences that give the world such a rich diversity and culture. This variety can be beautiful, and also dangerous.