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The following comment was added to an episode of Tom Ashbrook's On Point titled Artificial Intelligence. The comment was inspired from the agitation of turning the discussion into a dichotomy of man versus computer. Hopefully the On Being readers will find association to these thoughts, this program about taking sides, and the divisiveness of only seeing two options of an argument.

Dichotomy is artificial. It's likely the binary nature of the computer is transforming human intelligence instead of human intelligence transforming computers. Dichotomy is not how the human neural network works. Synaptic connectivity is more complex than ones and zeros. Dichotomy discounts the grey matter. It gets stuck in an endless loop of polarization; good vs. evil, winners and losers, or man vs. computer.

Instead of fearing how the computer will overtake man's ability, why not focus on how the synaptic process can scale beyond an individual and help many discover the mutual inclusion within a solution?

Our current economic model is based on building more wealth with less human effort. Why not flip that model? How can we utilize more people to figure out how to use less energy and consume fewer resources? How can humanity's neural network be utilized to do good? It's not an either/or argument. It's not all or nothing. It's in the grey matter.

Maybe it's time to switch from artificial intelligence to real intelligence or let loose of this hold on the false dichotomy of a binary computer.