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I’m so glad I decided to listen to the “No More Taking Sides” broadcast. I think there is so much all of us can learn from these two incredible people.
After dealing with seeing your mother swallowing plastic to deliver a message and seeing her in prison frequently, Ali almost had a right to become bitter. After losing his brother, Ali said he contemplated killing Israelis to make himself feel better. That’s how the cycle of violence continues. Instead, he chose to think of others’ pain he might cause and he “saw the other side”. Those words were pretty powerful to me. He didn’t just deal with his pain; he used it.
Robi doesn’t sound bitter either as she talks about her son and the way he really was. She said it has to be a conscious decision to remain alive after losing a child. As a mother, I think losing a child would probably be the hardest thing one could ever imagine. Robi decided she could be more effective in Parent Circle than anywhere else in the world.
Robi and Ali are amazing people. We can all learn so much from them and how they have dealt with their pain and tried to stop the violence rather than contributing to it. They said the governments aren’t stopping the violence, but people can by having truthful dialogue with personal narrative. Their statements have a lot of wisdom behind them. Another one is that we shouldn’t use religion as an excuse. When Ali talked about David (Robi’s son) telling him “Take care of my mother”, I got chills. These people have really grown to love and care for each other and you can hear it in their voices.