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I thought the discussion was thought provoking. I was born in Missouri and have lived the majority of my life in the Mid-West and feel I have an open mind and some understanding about this country's history. However, i lived in North Carolina during high school and realize that my public education was woefully lacking in the history of native Americans and black slaves. I have since read and learned (and listened to public radio) and have a greater understanding of global history. I was struck by one thought while listening to the interview. When Tiya brought up the ownership of black slaves by Cherokee that was required by the US government, I felt that only one side of the story was portrayed. Many indigineous people have been slave owners. Human history is rife with stories of enslaved peoples struggling. My belief is that owning another person is wrong, but I think it is misleading to indicate that the Cherokee ownership of slaves is outside of their cultural norm. I would like to learn more about the intersection of black slaves and native Americans but within the entire history of both peoples. Thanks for always having interesting and thought provoking programs. I really enjoy everything I'm exposed to and learn.