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I was struck by the quiet assurance in Tiya's voice, and in her use of the phrase "emotional history." I had never heard that before, but it carries resonance for me. I have used story for healing and as such have written many pieces, mainly from the experience of having survived domestic and sexual violence. Journeying through this long process has taken me into complete metamorphosis, the kind of education that comes from the inside out, an exercise in playwriting, the writing of two collections of poetry, a novel, a history book, a memoir and a self-help book for women. My story of abuse is generational in its origins and I am the first woman in my family to break silence, a stance which has cost my sense of family connection but which has freed me to find my voice and to help other women to do the same. I agree that the value of story is beyond measure, something that we keep hope planted deep inside of, something we don't let others exercise control over or censor. In fact, I teach in my classroom that one's story is the most valuable, precious and important thing that we will ever attain in life regardless of who we become or where we go, for it contains our legacy and heart. Thank you, Tiya for your courage, conviction and purpose. Peace, Meta Commerse