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I've listened with great interest to the discussion today of the Cherokee and other Native Americans who held slaves. This was new to me and I have studied Native American and African American history as a (long-ago) Anthropology student and as a jazz and blues musician/singer.
The discussion brought to mind a workshop I attended about two years ago at the Tinner Hill Blues Festival in Northern Virginia. Several Native American musicians from the USA and Canada discussed the musical intersection between African Americans and Native Americans -- for example, with certain rhythms. I have noticed that a common phrase-ending riff of the great blues harmonica player Little Walter Jacobs also is heard in Native American music. Perhaps coincidence, perhaps not. There was lenghty discussion of escaped slaves and Indians that sheltered them. I believe Indians being held as slaves was also mentioned. (I spent a little time looking for information on the latter and did discover mention of one female Indian held as a slave by Americans.)
To the best of my memory, Indians holding slaves was not mentioned. THAT would have greatly intensified the discussion. Maybe you can track down the presenters: