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I am an artist. An oil painter. The image attached is a painting that I created of Maggie Delaney as portrayed by Carol Jarboe. I have been moved deeply by this woman who portrays an 18th century laundress- an indentured servant. Until our meeting and time spent together, I had no idea of the depravity, the truth of this business of indentured servants which should be more aptly called slaves as a great many of them came to this continent under grave circumstances, clinging to hope for a new and better future, only to face grinding poverty, drudgery and bondage. The white indentured is a story that must be told. It is a part of this nation's history. Carol portrays Maggie Delaney, an Irish indentured who is owned by Parson John and works as a laundress. Her portrayal is remarkable and she has a prolific knowledge of indentured histories of the time. You may find Parson John and Maggie Delaney here:

Thanks for being.
Mark A. Selter