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I am very interested in spiritual topics, and I greatly appreciate Speaking of Faith. I often tell others of programs. Some that come to mind are Krista's interviews with Rachel Naomi Remens (great fan with repeated readings of her books), a yoga teacher who told his story of physical disability (sorry I'm not looking up name now), and a very recent one about living aware of each moment with particular interest to send to my son & daughter-in-law his comment about young children who seem to be great zen teachers given to us to grow spiritually (their girls are 2 & 4 with a boy expected in a month).

This event interests me as I have mixed feelings about government funding religious programs. It can be a wonderful thing with some money added to private money to do good, but I have misgivings about it's possible misuse. I feel more trustful of it's use under this president than under the last administration.