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I with other passionate followers of a Christian tradition reason from a critical biblical hermeneutic that perceives caution on placing undue (idolatrous) dependence on any leader (king, president or nation state) above the reality of "Jesus is Lord". Living by a lively ethic and a politics of the kingdom of God (of Jesus), non-violence and respect of other religions (neighbor) is normative. One of my ongoing questions while seeking to support the Obama administration is this: What kind of development can we expect during the Obama Administration supporting a shift from a strong US narrative that says the state via the military is our “savior” (a sort of Christological narrative that sees the state as savior and protector of security and freedom decreed by God) to an alternative script that helps the US (as a diverse population of people among other peoples) become good neighbors while exercising “neighborly” practices such as more patient and imaginative diplomacy without being naïve, responsibility for the environment that lives with the tension of one’s own economics while remaining keenly aware that we share responsibility for the entire planet?