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I am fascinated by the ever evolving expressions of faith and spirituality in America. I recently heard a snippet on NPR that said that 1/2 of US Adults no longer attend an organized religious service due to disenchantment with religious people or religious organizations. I certainly fall into that category. I am interested in how to participate in and support moral and ethical development and expression for the benefit of our nation, community and environment.

President Obama, in last night's press conference, stressed the importance of holding to our values in the face of adversity. He was speaking about his decision to prohibit torture, but his example as a national leader is so important. We need national leaders such as Mr. Obama to exemplify holding fast to high moral standards in the face of adversity. We need to measure success on our compassion and kindness shown for each other, not just on our material success.

I am so grateful for such a leader who encourages this kind of behavior in our military, our bankers and in each other.

Thank you for hosting this event.