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I am a liberal American Baptist pastor of a small congregation in upstate New York. A primary concern of mine is for the future of religion in America.

Recent surveys tell us we are becoming more and more of a godless nation and this is at a time when the people of America are in need of a spiritual perspective more than ever.

At the source of every major issue facing our country ~ LGBT rights, stem cell research, the economy, the war ~ there are divisive religious attitudes. I am constantly on the lookout for events that can bring those diverse perspectives together to work together and learn from one another; this program on Religious Life in America may help us do these things.

I love SOF and am delighted Krista and Crew have organized this free and open sharing. Attending on-line and benefiting from the experience even though I am hundreds of miles away is a hoot! Ain't the internet cool!?!
Looking forward to May 20th.