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I am a 54 year old, Swedish born of American (Irish heritage) and Canadian (Scottish heritage) parents . I am 5th of 7 siblings. I have lived in Sweden, Germany, Long Island (NY), Colorado and Minnesota (for 26 years). I am a lesbian in a (unmarried) loving relationship. I have 2 fabulous grown daughters.
I have a bachelors and 2 masters degrees (over-educated?) and work as a program manager for a non-profit chemical dependency organization.
I have been in recovery from alcholism for 24+ years.
I was raised Catholic but am not religious. I am spiritual. I believe in The Divine (not a god). I have more questions than answers. I am comfortable living in the questions. I try to learn.

What about this event interests me? I am always interested in learning more about spiritual/religious beliefs. I believe religion still divides this country despite that part of its origins stem out of religious intolerance.
I'd like some insight into where our country is headed spiritually. I'd like to know if my identity as a spiritual person is being recognized and respected as an equal and worthwhile being. I'd like to know if my civil rights (including the right to "marriage") are going to be upheld. I'd like to know that we are going to remain a country that seperates church and state.
There are so many religious issues/beliefs that have become political (ie abortion and "gay" marriage). So how is our president being counselled so that he will not put his own biases into the civil rights of others? And how does this country move forward in respecting difference of gender, race, sexuality, spirituality, religion, culture, etc.? Perhaps the quesiton is: how do we continue to move beyond a white, Christian, male hierarchy?