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Krista tippett, on niebur (not nieblur), today, i heard you mutter an uhuh after brooks defended isrAel's assault on gaza, in which the israeli soldiers, those who hadn't opted out due to having no stomach for the operation, coldly, wantonly and in some cases, duplicitously, ruthlessly murdered ordinary gazans -- in hospitals, in front of their own houses rushing out with white flags, small children point blank, groups who bombed and burned after having been told by the israelis that a community center would be a safe place....

Now maybe that is what you do, make a noise of assent as a kind of tic, out of habit or politeness, not wanting to ruffle feathers. But you made absolutely no dissent and i find this deplorable. You, i think, consider youself a moral person; why, then refrain for speaking against an appalling, immoral statement? Many influential individuals could, at the time, over those weeks spoken out to save gazans, by words and by threats to withhold aid. But they did not. And you did not when you had a chance. Wasn't it m l king who said it is the people who withhold protest when they hear about injustice are guilty of bolstering that injustice?

So who are you? Anyway?