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I've seen maybe 5 or 10 episodes of Speaking of Faith and I have enjoyed each of them. I'm strongly cynical and even hateful about most faiths and i find that this show has a way of massaging my gut reactions into tolerance long enough to slip some really worthwhile perspectives into my brain. In any case, this show was almost painfully on the mark for me as a person, which is both enormously satisfying and a little unsettling. Kabat-Zinn has just the slightest salesman's affect, a magnificently persuasive, borderline hypnotic way of , well, selling his philosophy that would make me skeptical if it were not for the fact that his "product" is so damned appealing. My skepticism is likely heightened by a recent experience with transcendental meditation. I attended an informational presentation about TM and was sold. Then I got home and read a debunking of the philosophy by former adherent Joe Kellett. In 24 hours, I went from feeling excited about something that might help me become a happier, more peaceful and productive person to being slightly crestfallen at Kellett's suggestion that the TM technique is simply hypnosis with post-trance suggestion. Anyway, I bought Kabat-Zinn's book, because ultimately I decided that I could do worse than surrounding myself with the teachings of someone with such incredible wisdom, passion and common sense. I just hope I don;t become frustrated by reading about a shining example of peace and serenity while continuing to be troubled by the opposite. Many thanks to the show and Kabat-Zinn.