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I cannot thank you (Krista and Jon) enough for such a powerful "pointing to the moon". This topic and its airing were so perfect; it was nothing short of the message from the universe I've been waiting to hear.

My story, my journey, has been so convoluted and's just too much for this venue. I will try to be brief about my last 72 hours.

I am a Medical Laboratory Technician and I work the 6p-6a Thu, Fri, Sat shift in a rural hospital. It is somewhat known that those who work in healthcare are some of the most "wounded" souls around. Add to the equation the "wounded" patients that gather at the weekend/night
Emergency Room. For the last 6-9 months I have felt the building of the stress and my inability to allow the suffering that I see go through me. I have been mindful of it and I've contemplated it but I haven't been able to stop it. I visualize being chased by Zombies. They are slow enough that I see them coming, but I cannot escape them. They pull on me and tug at me until I become one of them. And my friends have noticed...and my partner has noticed that my light has gone so very dim.

I cannot say what exact phrase from this broadcast struck me, but my eyes welled up and forceful breath exited from my depths (like the beginning of a really hard cry session). And as I left the highway and began driving through my neighborhood to my house I saw the "color change", and the dogwoods, now in full bloom, became so pink and so white. And I sat on my front porch and I watched the colors through my tears of joy.

(worry not, my next meditation/contemplation will be changing the Zombies into...well, something else.)

Thank you for sending out your voices into the universe.


(last name--shoestack)