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So today I was organizing all of my yoga training paperwork that had been spread out on the kitchen table for two weeks and finally finding the homework that was due so I could obtain my teaching certificate from the training (which ended 1 1/2 years ago). I was putting papers where they belonged, and in doing so I was feeling so empowered, so directed, so organized. Then I popped in a video I wanted to see for "background noise", but because it was in Italian, I realized I'd have to watch the screen to get the subtitles. I had a decision to make at that point: watch the video and enjoy the movie, which I wanted to see before a busy work-week, or finish working on what I was doing and finally get somewhere and have the satisfaction of finishing something I had been running away from. I realized that at that moment my situation was very similar to what happens when you meditate: if you stay focused, you get somewhere. The mind may jump, may tell you to stop focusing or to do something else. But if you stay there, you get to where you want to go and you obtain something, either the learning that comes from staying in one place for some time, or maybe it's the practice of reciting a passage you're been memorizing. The point is, being distracted is being distracted, whether you're meditating or doing something in everyday life. My changing focus was akin to getting up or stopping the meditation before it should have been through. My work, my daily chores, my obligations and responsibilities is similar to what happens when I have a successful meditation: I can choose to finish what I begin, stay focused, and obtain the fruits of that work or "practice."