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Buddha's "abandonment" Hi...thanks for your good work... However, one small point from this past week's show on Mindfulness training, which indeed the medical community has allowed in to its regimen...(and they're trying to sell it). Krista Tippett said to Jon Kabat-Zinn that the Buddha abandoned his wife and child. This is true in one sense, in a close perspective, but pulling back for the bigger picture, not true. Please bear in mind Siddhartha Gautama had been severely manipulated by his father to ensure he would avoid a spiritual career, and live a strictly secular life, ignorant as long as possible of a full understanding of the facts of life which include old age, disease and death. Where in the palace and government structure was the Buddha going to get his training? No one in all the years had offered him any such thing, other than his charioteer who (possibly against the rules) took the prince on rides into the he left. But Yasodhara,[Yasodara] his wife, was hardly abandoned, having the royal lifestyle, and Rahula, their son, likewise was within the highest level of the society of the time and place and so presumptively lived the royal life as well. The Buddha returned. The following link explains his re-connection with his son: In another context, we read that Yasodara too became a disciple of the Buddha and set about training herself in the spiritual path he had discovered and developed. In this way the Buddha fulfilled his obligations to his wife and child. "Yasodhara gave up the household life and entered the order of nuns at the same time as Maha Pajapati Gotami . She attained Arahanthship and was declared the chief disciple among the nuns who attained supernormal powers (Maha Abhiaaa) to recall infinite eras of the past. Only four of the Buddha’s disciples had such powers. In general, the Buddha’s disciples could only recall up to 100,000 world cycles. Yasodara, the Buddha’s two chief male disciples and the Elder Bakkula, however, had supernormal powers and could recall incalculable eras. The nun Yasodhara passed away at the age of 78, prior to the Lord Buddha."