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Thank you so much for all your shows. My life is truly enriched by what you do. Listening to Jon Kabat-Zinn I was struck by his comments about the "mind" and the perceiving "body." In my practice of movement and bodywork, I am fascinated to find that people see the self that internally speaks as the mind. Talking internally so loudly we can't hear, see, or touch can certainly limit our sense of belonging to this world. What he spoke of requires an engagement with the sensual. This culture's fears and hesitations about actually enjoying the tasting, sensing, and feeling, limit our abilities to be mindful as much as our confusions about change and suffering. I am fascinated with how expanding perception also necessitates a different development of moral sense, as so much of our culture's moral theory is based on limiting the sensual with the very internal talking that causes us to feel disconnected from others and from the planet.