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I love your program and have set up my Sunday morning walk with a friend around the broadcast time.

I especially enjoyed this week's program about mindfulness. I work as an accent modification trainer and have been trying to find ways to bring mindfulness training into my work for some time. It's hard! I struggle with being mindful myself (and it's something I actively want to do), but trying to nudge someone else towards mindfulness is quite a challenge...

My clients are people who aren't tuned into their bodies, aren't listening to their voices, and aren't paying attention to the physical ways they are creating sound. The core of my training is recording and playback, but the problem is teaching people to listen as they speak -- it's all mindfulness.

I'm going to try out some of Jon Kabat-Zinn's techniques on my students. I picked up one of his books at the library this morning, and hope to glean some helpful suggestions from it.

Thanks for the great shows!