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I meditate for an hour every morning and have been doing so for about thirty years. Meditation has given me the strength to deal with adversity and failure if and when I face them. At the same time, I have also developed an ability to view success as another routine event of life which is no different from other events. This is what the faith that I come from - Hinduism - equates to a Lotus Leaf personality. Lotus plants grow in ponds and lakes in India. Despite the fact that they are floating on water, the leaves stay remarkably dry as every drop of water just slides off the leaves or just sits on the leaf as a drop without penetrating the leaf.

But, in order to gain the strength and inner peace that meditation is capable of giving us, I feel that one has to meditate on a being or an all-pervasive spirit that may not be physically obvious. This higher spirit doesn't have to be labeled as God but has to be recognized as something that is omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent to all. The goal of meditation should be to connect one's mind to this spirit. If this can be achieved even for a few seconds, during the meditation, the resulting inner peace and strength will be enormous and carry one through the day with equanimity.

(I wanted to share my experience with meditation in case it can benefit others. I would, however, prefer that my name not be published if you decide to publish this. Thank you.)